Saturday, February 22, 2020

Sew Sew Friday

 I had a rare day all to myself yesterday. It was The Mister's sister's birthday so he teamed up with some family to take her out to lunch. All I wanted to do was get in the sewing room and get some work done. I had one more block of the snowflake quilt to get done and I was determined to get it done before spring.

 It was cold out but sunny. The sun was pouring into the windows making it a perfect sewing day. I set up an assembly line and........

 ...and in no time that last block was done.

 Now I am going to pack it all away until next winter when it will get sashed and sandwiched.

 I still have a pile waiting to be machine quilted. I was so close to finishing the Dresden but just as I thought I might be crossing the finish line disaster struck.

I had a bad seam. It had popped open after I had stippled the block and I just spotted it when I was coming down the sashing which made a terrible pucker. I had to rip out all of the machine quilting, rip open the seam and hand stitch it down applique style. I machine quilted the beejeezus out of it and hopefully it's good to go. It'll teach me to check those seams better. This is not the first time I've done this.


  1. Thank goodness there was a fix to the popped seam.

    The winter quilt is gorgeous. Those blues and whites are positively icy and wintery.

  2. Ahhh. I think these are two of my favorite quilts I've ever seen. I really love the colors of the snowflakes. And I have always like the dresden pattern but I really like the colors you have chosen as well.
    I'm glad you were able to do the repair and get back on track.

  3. No and it won't be the last--I've also found a bad seam in the same way. Not fun but a necessary mend along the way. It happens!
    That last block is so pretty! I love the blocks all together and can't believe you will stop now and put it away!!!!

  4. Such a pretty quilt. Thankfully, you saw the problem and could fix it without “too much” hassle. The snowflake blocks are wonderful.

  5. The snowflake quilt is going to be so pretty! I love the fabrics and how well the fabrics blend. I would be obsessed with completing that quilt right now. Yah for the fix on the Dresden and it almost being complete.

  6. Oh I like the colors of the snowflake quilt!

  7. Not being a quilter, I have no idea what you're talking about with the disaster but it does sound time consuming and horrible to deal with. On the flip side, the snowflakes are gorgeous!