Monday, October 1, 2018

Happy Inktober!

 If you are addicted to watching people sketch on You Tube you know that October is the month for the annual Inktober event. That means that everyday you have to ink something. I bought this month's card kit because not only does it have another huge flower stamp it has........

 .....inks. Alcohol inks to be exact. I already have a stash of these that I have never used but I didn't have the colors that came in the kit or the ink lifter stamp pad.

 It's hard to explain how these work. You drip a tiny drop onto the special Yupo paper and the color explodes.

After it dries you can ink up a stamp with the lifting pad and pull the dried ink off like magic. You can then take the stamp and make another image with it since it also reactivates the dried ink. Cool, huh? How fun is this going to be for art journaling.

 For weeks I've been buying stuff for Inktober not realizing I'd be knee deep in making cards right now. It's going to be hard to find any extra time for a while to play with my new toys but maybe I can figure something out.

 If you think my watercolor obsession is over, I assure you it is not. Meet the Aqua-Mini from Sennelier.

I'll never be able to afford their full size paints but this itty bitty set is really all I need.  It's a honey based paint made in France and I have to's different. It's very thick and gooey and the colors are really bright. I think it's a good formula to work with ink. We'll see.

 Finally, I saw someone make a card on You Tube with this stamp and had to have it for Daughter's Christmas card. It's a kitty tree from Mama Elephant.

Look at those kitty faces. No one loves kitties more than Daughter. I think she's going to be surprised.


  1. I have to admit that the paints all mystify me, however they are beautiful. That card stamp is so sweet. I know your daughter will love it.

  2. The alcohol inks are intriguing. I know you will create some fascinating projects with them.

  3. That ink is super cool!
    And you know I love that kitty tree!!!

  4. I am SO behind on blogging but am trying to catch up. Those inks look like such fun, and I can't wait to see what you do with them. That card will be fun to see also!

  5. The kitty tree is just awesome! I can only imagine how pretty it will be when you have added your touch. What a wonderful assortment of inks and art supplies to play with!

  6. Such a cool kitty tree! WOW. Your creativity abounds!!! and As far as family and crossing the line, our success this weekend was with Fireman's side...
    my side is still trying to get over similar issues with my Mom's passing. Sigh. You are not alone

  7. Happy Inktober! Looks like fun!

  8. The new ink set is so cool! The card is very pretty-I like the two from one concept! And that kitty card/stamp is purrrfecct!