Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Itchy and Scratchy

 I was all fired up this morning to get the sleeves on my sweater and start the final journey to the neck.

One row in and it was all over. That wool on my poison ivy covered arm was not working. The other side of my arm is even worse but I'll spare you the gory details. You should see what used to be my elbow. I guess I won't be working on this for a while.

 I've got plenty of other things to do until it heals. The baby quilt is sandwiched and ready for machine quilting. As soon as this two day headache goes away I'll get started.

 The binding is all done on Daddio's Thangles quilt. It's a pretty big one. I didn't realize it until I sat on it.

I am almost on the last border on his Dresden quilt. It's going to feel so nice to have all his projects finished. I am getting close.

I've got the centers done on my autumn batik quilt. This is not going to be the same as the baby quilt. It starts out the same way but then those square are going to join up in a different way. I haven't exactly figured it out quite yet. I've got some thinking to do.


  1. Look at all those wonderful quilts!
    I love the pieced border on the baby quilt. It adds a nice touch of pizzazz!

  2. Oh it wil be nice to finish all those projects. Daddio's quilt is very special. IM sorry about the poison ivy. Ouch.

  3. I can only imagine how painful having the wool rub your arm would be. Best to put the sweater in timeout.

  4. Your Dad's completed quilts are just beautiful! Sure there are so many memories there. Poison ivy and wool would not be a good combination. Hope the poison ivy heals quickly!

  5. Too bad about the sweater but it would really irritate the rash!!! The quilts are fantastic-you have added a nice bit of pizazz to each of them!

  6. Ugh! Once I had poison oak all over the lower part of my face and chest. Really I looked so, so bad you can't even imagine. We went to Universal studios with my kids and frankly people backed up when I was standing near them in line. It was soooooo itchy. Hope your poison ivy gets better fast.