Thursday, October 11, 2018

Inktober Update

 Through all the calamity of the past two weeks one thing has helped keep me centered. Inktober. I had never done it before but it's been a real life saver. That is the official Inktober prompt list. What you do with it is up to you as long as it involves ink.

I knew I wouldn't have time for anything spectacular (as if) so I settled for something small. I had been collecting all this Zentangle stuff a few years ago and drug it all out. Zentangle is about stress relief through doodling. Who can't use a little of that.

It is mesmerizing. I cheat and do a pencil drawing first so I can mindlessly ink it. It feels wonderful to just let the pen go.

Since I still have my watercolor obsession going I took it one step further.

 I am using my new teeny tiny Sennelier set with it's teeny tiny brush.

I am also using these teeny tiny watercolor paper blocks. I bought them by mistake not realizing how small they were. I also didn't know they were blocks but now I love them. The paper is a wonderful quality and being on a block means you can get things as wet as you want and it won't curl.

It's certainly not fine art or terribly creative but it gives me a good half hour a day of mindless fun. I don't want Inktober to ever end. I suppose it doesn't really have to.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun and a great way to take your mind off the yard carnage. I hope your day today is wonderful.

  2. Superb way to relieve stress and to enjoy your inks. I see you've labeled each one at the bottom, too. Enjoy

  3. What great stress free creating! I look at your letters and want to turn them into quilt blocks/words. So pretty! If my area can just survive what is now tropical storm Michael, we should have perfect fall weather for the weekend and maybe beyond. Today we have flash flood warnings and tornado watch. Hope fall weather reaches you soon.

  4. Anything that brings you peace is so important. Im glad you found this and shared it with us! Zach gave me a calligraphy set of pens and I should get them out and give them a try again

  5. What a great therapy! Your works are so pretty; nice work!