Friday, October 12, 2018

All Clear

 The front yard is now officially clear of debris. We cleared three huge piles of tree limbs and lived to tell the tale.

The wood is still there though. The Mister is sawing it up and stacking it a little at a time. It's still very hot and humid. It even got to him yesterday.

Today he went down to the mom and pop grocery and picked up some palettes for some serious stacking. He's starting a new woodpile off the side of the driveway.

 This gives you an idea of how big the tree is we had taken down in the front. Several small trees had to be taken down so they could drop it. The trunk goes all the way across the yard and to the creek. It may be there a while until we figure out the best way to chop that monster up.

 Yesterday I not only was a piler, I got to be a dragger. It's a long walk to the gully in the far corner of the woods where we are piling the debris. We are both covered in scratches, bug bites and poison ivy.  I also don't seem to be able to bend my right elbow today. Good times.

Up next is the side yard but we are waiting for cooler weather. Hopefully Saturday will be a better day. Right now we've got Micheal hitting us with a ton of rain and 50 mile an hour winds all night. Ugh.

And on a happier note....Frankenpumpkin is almost back together. She is upside down here. The bottom is proving to be tricky. Gravity is not on our side. I'm just happy we've gotten this far. I never would have believed it. This could just be a Halloween miracle.


  1. piecing together is slow work! maybe a balloon inside the pumpkin might help to fix the pieces of the bottom?

  2. That's a monster tree!!!

    And today (finally) feels like Fall. Much cooler temps and breezy. The weekend is supposed to be gorgeous!

  3. That was a big tree - definitely don't want that one coming down on the house!
    I'm glad the jack-o-lantern can be salvaged!

  4. Clearing branches and debris is hard work. I can't imagine doing it in heat and humidity.

  5. I had no idea the tree was that large-wow!
    The pallets are a good idea to keep the wood up off the ground to dry so you can use it! Rest that elbow!

  6. Michael passed thru here yesterday leaving much destruction in his wake - flash flooding, trees down, power outages. Many people will be without power for several days as there was so much destruction to the poles, lines, substations. If your winds are anything like ours, you will be thankful that the trees have been removed. You and your husband have really been hustling to get so much cleared. Hopefully, you will have fall weather for the weekend!

  7. Oops my comment flew away. I like your pumpkin even upside down. Halloween Miracle yes! I am missing the warm weather. I know you'd trade me in a minute. But its gloomy. I have to WORK at my attitude. We walked over an hour along the lake trail today in the mist.........

  8. It was 16 degrees above the donut this morning - and there's snow. There's hope for you yet for cooler weather!