Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Keeping Busy

The only thing I have managed to accomplish since the poison ivy took over my arms was getting the Raven's warp on the loom. I went from itchy mess to feeling like I have second degree burns up and down my arms and legs. Ugh.

 Those crazy colors don't look too bad all spread out.

 This is going to be my view for a while.

 I could only get an inch or so done before my poor blistered arms were objecting to brushing up against the beater bar.

 I also went digging for some soft knitting to keep me busy. I am not used to all this free time and it's making me antsy. What I found was another mess. Have you ever vacuumed your knitting? I just did.

I started this shawl last year and forgot about it. It was in an open bag in the corner of my bedroom where it collected all kinds of nasty stuff. What a mess. I can't wash it because it's still all live stitches. I bet it gives me a terrible allergy attack. I'll have to take a swig of Benedryl to get it done but since I'm living on the stuff at the moment that shouldn't be a problem.


  1. Oh you poor thing. I am so sorry. I was so hoping you would be feeling better by now. I’ve been taking mega doses of benedryl today too. I had an allergic reaction to some new meds I was given for my back.
    On the bright side, those colors are great!

  2. I'm not exactly a Ravens fan, but BOY are those colors on your loom beautiful! I'm really looking forward to seeing this one as it progresses along.

    Hope your poison ivy attack abates soon.

  3. I have vacuumed my knitting.. but not on purpose. It was an upright vacuum and it wasn't pretty!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that everything is bothering that wretched poison ivy! The Ravens colors look wonderful! I think it's going to be a pretty spectacular project!

  5. Love those colors! I'm downing benedryl as well. Hoping you feel much, much better and fast!

  6. Ouch! I sure hope you start to feel better soon. Love the colors on your loom

  7. Fantastic colors on your loom-very enticing!
    No, I've never vacuumed my knitting but I have caught a ball of yarn to wind around the beater bar! I hope you get relief soon-do you ever seek help at the doctor's to get some prednisone to shut it down in your system? Sometimes your body needs help!