Friday, October 5, 2018

Fair Warning

 I walked outside today to take some photos of the carnage and got covered in sawdust.

They don't tell you about the sawdust. It's like snow and it's everywhere. Even the dog is covered in it.

 It was the last day for tree felling. It was the worst day yet. The big ones around the house went down and every one felt like an earthquake. My nerves are shot. I could barely unclench my jaws to eat my lunch.

If you want to see how big these trees are look at the orange dot in the center. That's the tree guy removing one limb at a time until they could topple the trunk. The guys on the ground were taking down the small trees so the big ones had a place to fall. I suppose I'll get use to all that open space. Time will tell.

To make everything worse look at that photo. It's so hot and humid here again my camera fogged up. I had to keep cleaning it off to get any photos at all. Ugh.

I didn't get much done today but what I did do I can't show you. It was the three cards for the WINTER GIVEAWAY. Yes, it's time. See that calendar? That tells me when the soap has to be made for the next holiday and it's not that far off. On SUNDAY I will show you the card choices and the soap choices so mark YOUR calendars because time is running out. The 20th will be the deadline. Don't forget!


  1. Wow! That orange dot puts everything into perspective. I’m so sorry about your beautiful trees.

  2. Wow-these really are tall trees! Nice to have it done and you will enjoy the openness of the forest behind you now-maybe it will let in more breezes!

  3. Sad as it is for the trees to be felled, it is by far safer for everyone that they came down in a controlled manner.

  4. After three days of living with the tree removal, my nerves would be shredded. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and recover from the stress. Some cooler weather would be a real treat.

  5. Will all this tree removal give you more sun for gardens?

  6. Wow, that's a lot of tree cutting. Hope you have a good weekend doing something fun!