Sunday, October 21, 2018

Season's End

 It was the last farmer's market of the year at the beach so we decided to go have a look. The first thing we noticed was all the new sand. Micheal did a number on the shore so a new layer had to be put down.

 I went looking for signs of fall. There wasn't much. None of the houses on the boardwalk were decorated. I guess I'm not the only one who's not feeling Halloween this year.

There were big beautiful mums to buy but I wasn't tempted. The ones I bought last year were brown skeletons by Halloween.

 There weren't many vendors. Most of the ones that showed up were peddling booze and food.

The Mister got an amazing Apple Ale. I drank half of it after taking just a sip. I'm not usually a fan of craft beers but this one was good.

We are sure going to miss our favorite booth.

I'll have to wait until next year for another Bumbleberry Pie. That's apples, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.

 I'm also going to miss fresh apples.

 My best purchase was a pizza from the pizza oven on wheels. I had never seen them before.

 Look at that perfect little Margarita pizza. It was yummo.

I hope the paella vendors come back too. All year I said I was going to try some and I never did. It smelled heavenly.

 Ditto for the Kettle Korn. I never brought home a bag even though it was always on my to do list. I guess I'll have something to look forward to next season.


  1. Sad to say goodbye to the Farmer's Market!
    It's a good thing you didn't buy the mums-I don't know what they are doing with them but the two big plants my DH bought to surprise me sure did-brown blooms in a few weeks! (and I am a good gardener so there is no good reason for them to do that!)

  2. Look at all of those tempting treats! The mums are gorgeous.

  3. Oh those mums! Mandy gets hers at Costco every year and seems to have good luck with them. Those breads look wonderful too. It’s sad to see things ending for another year.

  4. Farmer's markets are so wonderful and offer so many special treats. Those Bumbleberry Pies sound delicious. We had a rainy start to the day yesterday so the farmer's market was only a couple of vendors. I also gave up on mums a few years ago. Hated to take them home only to die and they looked so pretty and healthy when I purchased them.

  5. I love a good market, ours are just getting started for the Fall. Everything closes for the summer due to the heat. That pizza looks so yummy, enjoy!

  6. That pizza looks amazing!

    If you ever make your way up here for vacation sometime, I'll have to show you our farmer's market - it's all year round and indoor. I love it!

  7. We are further North than you, but our markets are still going strong!!