Tuesday, October 9, 2018

A Blog Post Gone Terribly Wrong

 Yesterday morning when I went out to feed the outdoor cats I decided that today's post was going to be about the weather. This white stuff that looked like frost all over the grass is mold. It's that hot and humid. In October.

 This big fella and his little baby are growing right outside my front door.

 I hated to whine and complain again but today we had work to do outside. On Sunday we cleared one half of the driveway of tree debris. In this heat it was brutal.

 Yesterday we wanted to get to the other side that had an even bigger pile.  The Mister cuts and....

 ...I make piles. Then the branches are drug was back into the woods. It's miserable work and the bugs make it so much worse. Ugh. We last about an hour and than have to stop or die. Even beer doesn't help.

 Back inside later I decided to end this post with a picture of my Halloween stuff all still in the container. I usually have it up by now but's too hot to even think about it.  When I was taking the container off the table to put it on the floor for a photo I dropped it. At first I thought nothing of it and then......

....I remembered that in the bottom was my precious ceramic Jack o Lantern my mother had made for me years ago.

 Yep. I had shattered it. I sat on the floor and had a good loud cry. How could I have been so clumsy? Just yesterday I had dropped an entire steaming hot pot of chili I had just finished making for dinner on the floor and down the front of me. What a mess that was. This was a mess and a tragedy. I was heartbroken.

My wailing brought The Mister running. After the chili incident he's not sure what's up with me anymore. Gathering up the shards I found this. That's my mom. E. K. 82. The year before Daughter was born. More wailing.

The Mister went to his model table and brought up files and glue and tape. Right now we are piecing it back together a little at a time. We call her Frankenpumpkin and she will survive. She will look terrible but she will shine again this Halloween. Somehow or other.


  1. I'm sure you were mortified but I'll bet you and the Mister will have that pumpkin fixed up in no time. Frankenpumpkin - cute!

  2. Oh, I am so sorry for all the calamities! The Jack disaster seems like the last straw; I'm so glad you glued it--I would do the same 'cuz even damaged, it is still a worth saving! Your Mom would laugh with you, I'm sure! Sending a hug!

  3. How heart-breaking, but I'm glad the Mister is up to the task of gluing the pieces together. It's cold here this morning (30°) with a dusting of snow on the grassy areas.

  4. You know it's hot when beer doesn't even help!
    You'll come to love Frankenpumpkin, perhaps even more than plain Pumpkin. As they say, scars tell our story. I have Surgery Kitty. He's a simple, foam Halloween cat I made with the neighborhood kids... and I didn't do a good job and as the kids say, he looks like he's had a few surgeries... and he has proudly hung on our pantry door for the last 15 Octobers. He may look pitiful but he's an important part of our Halloween household and a wonderful reminder of a day spent with friends and family.

  5. I'm with you about the weather; the humidity and warmth are really getting to me both in body and spirit! OH and I went somewhere the other day and the Christmas decor was already displayed. I'd like some nice crisp days!
    I'm thankful you're going to be able to fix the ceramic pumpkin - my parents' things mean so much to me as well!

  6. Oh No!!!!!!! I'm so sorry Deb. Mister is a dear to fix the pumpkin up again. She'll be fine. Sometimes you have to have those items that are so preciously part of our love for someone. (by the way fireman cuts trees and I pile branches too)

  7. That is so sad about your Jack o Lantern since it is one of those irreplaceable items. This week is not going much better than last week. I cannot even begin to imagine cleanup from the dropped pot of chili. Also, I have never seen anything like the mold in the first photo. Hoping you are having a very good day today!

  8. That is just an awful day. The yard work looks exhausting and hot and buggy. And then the accident with the pumpkin. I would have cried, too! I also would have dropped it. I seem to have some kind of dropping disorder. I hope things have improved since then!

  9. Oh Debra. I’m so, so sorry. I can only imagine how you felt about the pumpkin. How sweet of the Mister to know how seriously awful it was and want to make you feel better by piecing it together.
    And a pot of chili too. You poor thing. Meanwhile we’re trying to plan our timing for the drive home to avoid snow! What’s with this weather anyway?

  10. So sorry to hear about your pumpkin. I'm sure with the talents you 2 have, you'll have it back together in no time. Here's to less stress!!