Sunday, October 14, 2018


 Here's your reminder that next Sunday, the 20th is the last day to sign up for the Winter Surprise Giveaway.  I've been busy getting the soap made this week. I have to say the winter fragrances are not usually my favorites but this batch of new scents is very nice. This is Fresh Snow.

 This is my second batch of Peppermint. The Mister loves peppermint. I had to make sure I have plenty leftover.

 Sugared Spruce is an oldie but a goodie. It's one of my favorites.

 Sleigh Ride smells more like something good to eat than the great frosty outdoors. I'm not saying which soaps are for which month yet. I've still got work to do.

I've got these three to make and then it's time for Valentine's soap.
If you missed the original post where I explain the details for this very different giveaway you can find it HERE.


  1. Ooh, these soaps are gorgeous colors.

  2. I love looking at your soaps! It's kind of looking at yarn colorways - those I want to squish and your soaps are so lovely to smell and use! Cranberry fragrance?! Yummy!

  3. Beautiful loaves of soap!

  4. Each batch of soap is beautiful. Peppermint looks like something you would want to eat.

  5. Deb, the care you put into the soaps and lotions, the packaging, ALL OF IT is a sweet sweet treat. Fireman is using the white lotion circles on his cracking hands. So thank yoU!

  6. Just beautiful soap for the winter giveaway!