Saturday, October 6, 2018


 This is all I can show you from today's baby shower soap remake. I've got three loaves in the oven and I'm not touching them until tomorrow morning which is actually today as you read this. I think all went well. I think. I can tell you it was no fun. I've got three more loaves to make today and then I will never want to see a bar of blue soap again.

I was really at my wit's end and ready to throw in the towel with that soap nonsense when the mail came. Thank you Sandy!!! If anyone ever needed a pick me up it was me. It was most appreciated-and yummy.

 Part of my problem was that I made the mistake of venturing out and surveying the disaster in my yard yesterday morning and immediately burst into tears. No photo can show you the mess we have and worse-The Mister thinks it's no big deal. His plan was to let nature take it's course. We had words. Loud words. That's my yard. My front yard, my side yard, my backyard. Trees laying in the woods is one thing. All along the house is another. I was pi$$ed. He did bring me a peace offering and a promise to start a serious clean up. It may kill us, but it WILL be done.

Later I had another go at the ill fated baby quilt. Two of the fabrics will work and I found another from the original collection that wasn't too terrible. That made nine blocks. I don't think it will be too bad once the next surrounding row of printed fabrics go on but at this point, I don't even care. It will be what it will be. I am so over blue. Blue cards, blue soap, blue quilt. No wonder I'm feeling blue.


  1. You have definitely had a rough week my friend. I’m pulling for you that the soap is perfect, both this batch and the next. Loving the quilt and your surprise package. Also glad the Mister came around to your way of thinking.

  2. I feel ya with the trees being downed. We had 4 very large ones here in front of the house where we live until our neighbor chopped them down. From my bedroom window, I used to see tree tops and sky but now all I see is nothingness and the ugly building going up across the street. It's been years and still, every single time I walk out there, I feel something is missing. Plus the building going up is blocking my sunset view. :/ Hope the blue soap is successfully done. The quilt blocks are lovely.

  3. Sorry about the yard! The new quilt blocks are going to be just right!

  4. I really like the colors in the baby quilt and think it is going to be beautiful. Hope it will soon be cool enough that yard cleanup won't be so miserable. Do you have all the debris from stump grinding to clean up also? Yep, I understand that comment "That's my yard." For many years, I spent countless hours clearing debris from pine trees every time there was a storm or strong winds. Hope today is a much better day and all goes well with the soap and quilt!

  5. I am so sorry about the mess in your yard! I know that I would need a lot of candy corn to survive that kind of disaster.
    Our yard is a disaster waiting to happen. We have so many untrimmed trees.
    The quilt is going to be lovely.
    I'm not sure I could ever get tired of blue. Or pink.

  6. You definitely need some colour... may I suggest some yellow...

  7. Sometimes, it takes a while for men to understand. I'm glad the Mister agreed to tackle the downed trees. Leaving them to nature would be unsightly and dangerous and possibly a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    The "blue" overload will pass soon. I hope the Blue Gremlins will move on down the road.

  8. I'm feeling blue but it has nothing to do with baby showers.... As for the trees I have to say that once my husband decided to have my trees trimmed without asking me about it. When I came home and saw the carnage I almost divorced him. Actually it was years ago and I am still upset!