Sunday, October 7, 2018

Winter Surprise Giveaway!

 It's still hot and muggy here and all I'm thinking about is making winter soap. I must be crazy. These are photos from last year's epic giveaway. This year I am going to do things differently.

 It's another pre-order surprise. I'm also going back to the mini bars and this time you will get two.

Since I have had so many fragrance fails recently I am just going to give you a general description of the scents I am planning on making. You'll have to trust me.

 For the December holiday package you will get the winter village card and two little soaps that will be in the spicy category. Think cinnamon, peppermint and candied citrus.

The January New Year's package will have the skating bears card and two soaps that will smell fresh and frosty, like a walk in the snowy woods.

The February package will have the great chemistry valentine and two soaps that will smell warm and romantic with lush florals and sugared vanilla.

You know the routine. DM me your holiday preference and your mailing info either at Ravelry (I'm Araignee) or at by the 20th.

And if you are still waiting for your fall surprise package, don't worry. I'm mailing out a few every day.


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  2. You, my friend, are unbelievable!!! Thank you again for being so generous.

  3. In spite of everything you've been through this past you're just so amazingly generous! Looking at your soap and cards is just so much fun! Receiving them is a treat! Thanks for all you do and all you share!

  4. Yummy! You are quite the soap factory!!!
    Thank you, too.

  5. Yep, still hot and muggy here also. Your cards are just adorable! What a fabulous giveaway!

  6. Your generosity is phenomenal. I love the Autumn soap I just received. Thank you for sharing your talents with your blog readers!

  7. I'll take anything ! I LOVEd those gingerbread men though!!!!! Thank you for making me happy with the mail. YOU MAKE us SMILE