Thursday, October 25, 2018


Pup turned four yesterday.

I still call her Pup because it just seems like only yesterday that she was one

 To celebrate, we took her to the boardwalk for a treat. We were supposed to be sharing a scone but while I was taking the photo she gave it a lick. She loves a good scone. So do I.

 I am happy to say that I could get dressed today. The itchys are not gone but they are more manageable. I still can't wear wool so even though it was a good sock day I had to go with some store bought softies.

 Ditto with a handknit sweater. It would have been agony so I had to get out a big old comfy sweatshirt. I did suffer through my Halloween mitts. It was too warm to wear them last year and this year the town Halloween fest is probably going to be a washout due to the nor'easter heading our way this weekend.

There is still not too much in the way of Halloween decor in town but I did spy this. I had to laugh.

Pup's day ended with a trip to her favorite eatery. She got some peeled nuggets and I got some french fries. Good times.

 I came home to a surprise in the mailbox. Sandy M. sent me a big bag of goodies. When The Mister saw the pumpkin he said "Good. Finally one you can't break". Ha, ha. It really tickled me to know her mom and dad made it. My mom and Daddio used to paint little wooden things for us too. That's a mug rug in the front. It's almost too pretty to use, right? It's all sitting on an apron that is made from the prettiest fall material I have ever seen. Sandy keeps me in aprons which is nice because truth be told-I hate to make them but love to wear them.

I was tossing out the envelope when I noticed...there was another little package inside. A handy date book and a Halloween dish towel. I was just saying that I need a fun Halloween dish towel and look at that-one showed up!

Thanks so much Sandy! I of all people know how much fun it is to make up little packages to surprise people with and I can't tell you how much this is appreciated. That 42 thing...I had to laugh. I am a huge fan of the Hitchhiker's Guide and will answer quite randomly 42 to questions for no reason at all.
I have never made a Hitchhiker but I should have. As soon as I have working arms, I am going to look through my handspun and get one started!


  1. Happy birthday, Pup!!! Here's to many more birthdays and McNugget celebrations.

  2. Happy Birthday to Pup! Such a sweet face and very deserving of scones and chicken! Hopefully, the cooler weather will be kind to your itchy skin - to me there's nothing like a soft sweatshirt that well-worn and cozy!

  3. Happy Birthday pip! I had nuggets too, but it wasn't my birthday!
    I'm glad people are spoiling you for sharing all your wonderful soap!

  4. Wow, four years old already! What a good little companion! The package is a great perker-upper for you! Enjoy!

  5. Glad to hear your itchies are feeling better & that you were able to wear your gorgeous mitts.

  6. Happy Birthday to that cute puppy (sort of puppy). I want a scone now.

  7. Pup is just adorable. Love the photo of her with the towel. That scone looks good and makes me want to bake a batch. Might happen soon since the next day or two will be cold and rainy. Great that the poison ivy is starting to dry up/heal!

  8. glad you skin is improving! i love your fingerless gloves with the skulls. So detailed and wonderful! Happy you got some fun mail. And an unbreakable pumpkin