Friday, October 19, 2018

Off and On

 It's the end of the road for the latest dish towel.

 Off it comes. This is always a big moment. It still scares me.

 Cutting it off seems like it is just asking for trouble but it never is.

The really scary part is looking at the under side to see what boo boos you made. I didn't see any.

 I'm not very good at this hemming thing but it's just a dish towel so close enough is good enough.

It's a big one. Just over 36 inches before hemming.

After a few washings it will shrink a bit and look better. Here's the official mugshot after one wash. It's nice and soft.

Now to get these crazy Raven colors on the loom. I can't wait to see what this one looks like.


  1. The dish towel looks so nice - and a large dish towel is a bonus!

  2. Your many talents and hobbies astound me. The dish towel is beautiful.

  3. You always do such a great job on the weaving--this is another win!

  4. Oh I love that dish towel. Those are my colors. It would scare me to death to cut into it. You do such beautiful work. The new colors will make a fun dish towel won’t they? Blessings,

  5. The towel is just beautiful! I can see it lining a basket filled with bread. Making that cut when you are complete would be very hard for me. Actually, I cringe to think about doing that. I hope your poison ivy is drying up and you are enjoying beautiful fall weather. I am enjoying it immensely and hope it will last for a long time.

  6. Looks great! I always like to see how your towels turn out.

  7. It is beautiful and way, way more complicated than I could ever handle. Just gorgeous, enjoy!