Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Quoth the Raven

 I have one more sit down and this towel will be history.

This is what's up next. I know what you're thinking. Odd choice of colors. It was The Mister's idea. He wants a towel as a housewarming gift for his brother who is a huge Raven's fan. That's the Baltimore Ravens and that's their colors.

I'm making the towel and he's making matching potholders. I need to go look and see if I can find those colors in a kitchen cotton for a dishcloth.

 Speaking of The Mister, this is what he's working on. It's for Daughter. He thinks it looks like her cat. It does.

 This is what The Mister is usually up to. We have an entire empty bedroom that is filled with the models he makes. We are quite a pair. Between his messes and mine there's not an inch of unused space anywhere.


  1. What’s not to love in this post. :-). Great towel on the loom. I love those colors. And the fact that you and The Mister both have crafty hobbies is so wonderful to me. To my way of thinking, because he crafts too, he is more likely to understand your obsessions. My Hubby doesn’t have any hobbies and although he happily finances my yarn things, he doesn’t quite “get it.” I bet The Mister “gets it!”

  2. Your towels are always so pretty! And navy blue will be beautiful!

  3. It's awesome that you both have crafty hobbies.
    Dave used to make model, but he hasn't for a few years... maybe I should get him one for xmas... light that spark again.

  4. You both love your hobbies and are excited about them. THat is part of our joy! I need to be excited about my knitting or it is no fun. Currently excited about my second alpaca mitten...so so so soft

  5. I think it's wonderful that you both have hobbies and I love that you share here! My oldest son would love the gift towels since he's a Ravens fan as well; actually a good idea for me to figure out a gift in those colors!

  6. It's so neat that you and your husband both have so many hobbies. That way, you just enable each other and no eye rolling over new craft/hobby supplies. You are the most prolific crafter/artist!

  7. I love the His and Hers craft & hobby show and tell post! His projects are just as cool as yours!

  8. Great towel and even the plans for the new one!
    I think it is so cool you both are creative!
    (I beg my guy to try things with me.....)

  9. I LOVE seeing your towels; you are an amazing weaver! You are one talented person!