Saturday, October 20, 2018

Last Chance!

This is the last day that I can make soap to have it ready for the Winter Holiday Giveaway-minus the Valentine's Day batches. I am still waiting for those fragrances to show up.

I've got several new fragrances to show off. This one is Sugar Plum and it really is yummy. I have no idea what a plum should smell like but I would eat this.

 Spiced Cranberry is so much nicer than the cranberry I have used in the past. It's sweeter with a hint of cinnamon.

 Milk and Cookies smells like shortbread with a touch of lemon extract.

 Silver Birch and Juniper is a walk in a snowy forest. A tiny bit of pine but not enough to smell like a household cleaner or a man's soap.

This is another loaf of Sleigh Ride. I loved the first loaf but the scent was very mild. I wanted to see what would happen if I added the recommended amount for a change. It did stiffen up the batter which made me have to layer it but I think it turned out rather pretty. Now I want to see if this scent holds because I really like it.

As I's the LAST DAY to sign up. HERE is the original post that spells out all the details.

 And you know I never ask for anything in return. Just taking the soap off my hands so I can make more is thanks enough but from time to time something shows up as a surprise. This came all the way from Wyoming. It's a pen.

Yep. Inside this hand beaded case is a pen. Imagine that. It was made by crafters at the Wind River Reservation. Thanks, Nancy! It is most appreciated-and admired.


  1. The soap looks incredible and the pen is really beautiful!

  2. As always, your soap looks wonderful. How I wish the smells were capable of traveling the internet.

  3. The soaps are all beautiful! I bet your house smells wonderful also. What a great surprise in the mail.

  4. That soap looks good enough to eat!!!!! It’s always so beautiful and the pen that Nancy sent is so intricately beaded. A beautiful gift.

  5. It's always so neat to see all the different colors and textures of your soap - And as much as I try to imagine the fragrances I never come quite close enough to the wonderful real thing! Have a wonderful evening in this cooler weather <3