Sunday, September 30, 2018

Ciao September

 I used to love September. Now it's just a dreary extension of August and I hate August. I might have had the windows open twice during the whole month. Since I was stuck indoors hiding from the bugs and the heat I did manage plenty of crafting time. Mr. Jacob joined the flock. I had packed it away until next spring but got it back out one day when I was bored.

 The September block of the Sheep Virtues got its required parts done.

 Up next is Kindness.

There was some spinning in September. That's Polwarth in the Wooden Duck colorway from Misty Mountain Farms.

 Last night I picked up this fall colored sock yarn at the Farmer's Market. I have no plans of casting it on at the moment. Maybe later in the month when fall finally shows up. It's sitting on the fall colored dishcloth I just finished. I will be casting on the fall Scrubby soon. Maybe.

 Spiral Chicken got a face and a flower this summer She's getting packed up today and tomorrow I will bring out my Halloween pumpkin rug to work on. I think it's almost done. I think.

 This is how far I've gotten done on the sweater. It's a wonderful knit. I just can't find the time.

 These are to blame. I am doing five in the morning and five in the afternoon. As soon as it starts getting dark I'm done. I can't see anything at night anymore.

I haven't forgotten you October participants in the surprise fall giveaway. I'm just putting the finishing touches on the cards. Sometime this month they will get sent out-but I'm not saying when.


  1. You have gotten so much done this month and have put me to shame. And ai know that what you included here is the tip of the iceberg. As usually I love all of the cross stitch sheep. They are SO cute.

  2. I love the sheep as well - they really are making up beautifully! Happy to see the fall colors in the yarn and washcloth - just so weary of the heat! And the sweater is lovely! I'm going to scroll back through past posts to find the name of the pattern.

  3. You have been getting so much done as usual I see. With the big guys away and Little Buddy in his room taking an very unexpected nap I had loads of time to work on my new shawl, it was soooooooooo nice to sit, watch reruns of Downton Abby and just crochet. Oh and I might add I had two fur babies by my side, bliss!

  4. The new sock yarn is very pretty-it will call you on the first crisp Oct morning! The sweater is coming along beautifully; you have gotten a lot done! Soon those cards will leave you alone....

  5. You have really accomplished a lot! Your sweater is beautiful and it's not even complete. I took a break from working on a quilt and made a couple of Christmas stockings for a friend. They are already in the mail. (Hoping for better luck than you had with the invitation.) I even baked pumpkin spice muffins and an apple cake this past week. I so want it to be fall. Unfortunately, we have a few pleasant (not great though) days and then back to 10 degrees above normal by midweek. Yuck! I just want the humidity and bugs to go away. Love seeing all your projects and your progress. So impressive.

  6. I wish I could push our weather your way!

  7. Spiral Chicken is progressing nicely, and she looks fabulous. Oooh, it would be difficult to resist starting a new project with the lovely Autumn-colored yarn.