Wednesday, September 19, 2018


 Yeah. It's still sitting on top of us. It's still miserable. The Mister took a nap at 11:00 this morning. It's that bad.

 I kept busy.

I hadn't touched Dear Jane all month so I got the first block of row C started.

It was mercifully straight forward.

 After I have the pieces covered I let them sit overnight under a book.

 The Dear Jane book to be exact.

Then I put my heavy supply bin on top of that. Tomorrow those pieces will be nice and crisp and easy to sew together. 

Oh, yeah. I broke my phone. I dropped it on the tile floor. So this week's tally is a bad back, a wasp sting, lost mail AND now a cracked screen. I only have one more $6 payment to go on this cheapo LG so I could replace it but Verizon is all out of cheapo phones at the moment. The one I want is out of stock. Wouldn't you know. It's just not been my week. 


  1. I’m sorry. It definitely does not sound like it has been a good week for you. I’m glad you have lots of crafts to help keep you sane.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. Oh Ive been there with the phone!!!! I had to buy a super duper otter box for my newest phone. I dropped it twice yesterday doing two things at once of course, but it survived without a scratch . Im sorry .Your week has to improve

  3. You've had your share of bad luck, so I hope things change soon.

  4. I hope the weather is kind to you. Those pictures from North Carolina are freaky and frightening!
    I also hope your luck turns around.

  5. Oh, my, what a week! It can only get better. Hope that happens soon!

  6. It has been a tough week! I'm sorry. This block will help make it pleasing. The phone death death is very sad....

  7. Like Kathy B I also splurged for the super duper otterbox for my phone, SO worth the money!