Saturday, September 8, 2018

On My Own

For the past eight days I've been home all by my lonesome. Daughter and her Hubby went to California for a wedding and The Mister did the kitty sitting honors this time around. As you can see, they had a blast. Me not so much. Being here in the dark woods all by myself at night was no fun. I haven't slept since last Friday. They are all home today so I am going to be catching up on my zzzzzz's this weekend.

 Instead of flying right home after the wedding Daughter decided to rent a car and see the sights. After Hollywood and Beverly HIlls, coastal seals were on her list.

As were big trees. Really big trees. They make my trees look like baby trees.

Las Vegas was also on the list. They stayed at the Bellagio and saw O. That's her third Cirque du Soleil show this year. She loved it.

 She found a yarn shop. She always finds yarn shops.

I love this photo but have no idea where she is. I'll have to ask her.

As a bonus, The Mister made me these while he was on his kitty staycation. I bought him this fall loop kit last year and he never got around to it. This gives me an idea for my next weaving project. I really like those colors.


  1. Your daughter and her husband looks so happy. I love all the photos of their trip. I have heard and read so much about all of those places but have only been to the redwood forest before. Oh, and the California sites. I have been to those.
    The pot holder is that the Mister made for you turned out beautiful and will be perfect for the autumn. I’m sorry it’s been a hard week for you. If I had known I would have been praying for you to be brave! I understand though, I don’t like being in the big empty house by myself. The strange thing is though, I never mind being at the trailer by myself and it’s out in the middle of nowhere! Have a great weekend and I hope you catch up on all of your sleep.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. I understand what you're saying about preferring not to be alone at night. I'm okay now since we live in a townhouse community but when we lived on Cape Cod we were in a home on a cul-de-sac that backed up to woods. The only homes that were close were used as summer homes; my husband traveled a lot and our children were young. All too often I had sleepless nights!
    Your daughter and her husband must have had a wonderful time! Love the photos! And how sweet of your OH to make those pot holders!!

  3. Beautiful photos. I remember going to Sin City Knit Shop when I was in Vegas with my sister, niece, and a knitting buddy. It was a fun shop.

  4. I am so glad everyone had a good time, but you of course with that lack of sleep. I am much better at sleeping in my house by myself now that I am older but still it takes a bit of getting used to. Hope you catch up on your rest.

  5. That last pic of your daughter is probably inside the Bellagio. I have a friend who goes there a couple times a year, and they do these amazing flower displays... that looks like one of them

  6. Sorry for the lack of sleep-that's tough!
    The alone time had to be enjoyable, though.
    The sights from your daughter's trip look wonderful-we've been to them all when I was her age (or younger!)