Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Hard Labor

Labor Day weekend was a bust here. It was so hot and humid I hid in the house the whole time. I made good use of the time getting all the cards started for the fall giveaway. It's hard to believe we are already half way through the 6 week cure.

Working on all the fall cards was a good way to beat the heat. The heat index was over 100. Ugh.

I ordered a big box of different papers to do the job.

I also have all those winter themed baby shower invitations to make. I found more winter animals that are not on skates. How about a baby penguin on a sled?

 I also have some new oxide inks for the backgrounds. I've got some pretty baby blues now.

I used to waste a lot of time trying to find background paper that worked the way I wanted it to. Now I just make it myself. Those oxide inks are wonderful. They blend so nicely on cardstock.

 This is something else new I pre-ordered that just arrived. It makes me so happy.

It's a set of swatch stamps. Have you ever?

 It's perfect for watercolor practice....

...but what I am using it for at the moment is to make color cards for all these critters I have to color. I waste too much time looking for just the right colors out of my giant marker collection. Now I'll have a record of what I used for what. Labor and time saving....perfect.


  1. Those little penguins are just too cute. I’m sorry it’s still so hot for you. We’re finally having blue skies instead of brown ones and 70’s in the day with crisp cool nights in the 40’s. I think fall is on its way out here.

  2. Amazing results with all the incredible stamps, inks and ideas!!! I'm glad you are beating the heat with all the creativity!

  3. Since I've never made my own cards, I find your stamping posts intriguing. Do you use some sort of press?

  4. I love getting a peek inside your little car factory.

  5. We are horribly hot and horribly humid in Wisconsin and Chicago. I wont complain I love Summer. But I dont like the a/c on. I love your penguins

  6. I swear that if there is a cool crafting tool out there, you'll find it! That swatch stamp is amazing.
    I hadn't heard of Distress Oxide stamps; now I want all of them!

  7. Love your stamps. This weather...nothing good to say about it. It is nasty outside!

  8. Your cards are so adorable! From your card making experience, what supplies and cricut-cutter would you recommend for the basic beginner?

    -Mary S.