Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Arizona Dreaming

 Well, hello there Florence. I had my doubts when the weather people said you were heading our way but here you are.

Just what we need. More rain and humidity. We haven't had a really comfortable day since early July.

 The house humidity is not as bad as the outside but I still can't get it down past 60%.

 And that's with a central AC and two dehumidifiers running non stop. Nothing is drying. Not towels, dishes, wet dogs, my hair-anything. We are all going to turn into mushrooms. When people tell you it's not the heat, it's the humidity believe them. It's been in the 70's for days now but it's disgusting outside-and in.

I know I really shouldn't be complaining. So many have it so much worse. The flooding is horrible. It's not the magnitude, it's the duration that's got me at my wits end. At least there were good old movies on yesterday and plenty to keep me busy. I keep telling myself it's one day more behind us. Fall has to be around the corner soon. I hope.


  1. yeah, I hear you-we are melting; my brain is baked too long with crust on my edges!!!!

  2. Im with you. The humidity has been brutal here this year.

  3. We're in the same mushroomy, molding boat here. For the past 2 weeks, the humidity level has not dropped below 89%. The air is so wet, you have to drive with your windshield wipers on sometimes, not because of rain, but because of the humidity. It's just nasty!

    Stay safe today. We finally felt Florence yesterday and she was still packing a wallop. We had flooding rains (nothing like NC's though) and a huge number of tornadoes.

  4. I hope things will improve soon. Humidity is exhausting to deal with day after day.

  5. I’m so sorry. I understand humidity from living in the Midwest. You have my sympathies.

  6. It has been...and continues to be...just plain ugly and nasty. We finally had a glimpse of blue sky...no rain tomorrow, but still 80 degrees.