Thursday, September 20, 2018


 Look. Sun. It's still humid and still hot but at least it was dry.

 I actually went outside for a while but the world was still a buggy place.

 I had neglected poor Mini terribly during all this horrible weather.  I have to cover her because she has a leak somewhere around her back hatch and as a result she was covered in mold. Inside and out. She got a scrubbing and a charge on her battery which was dead. It's funny how much work it is to keep a car up when you are not driving it.

I aired her out during the day and look who I found in the front seat when I went to close her up. It's our newest little friend. He's friendly so I guess I'll be taking him for some shots soon. He's been around about a year now so I guess he's mine. Sigh.

 The ground was wet but The Mister had a go on the riding mower to get up some leaves-and to just get out of the house. Of course it broke down right after I snapped this photo and it's now in pieces all over the yard. It's something with a belt. He thinks we're cursed. I do too.

On a more happy note, I got some bulbs in the mail. Valerie inspired me to plant so plant I will. Tomorrow.

I was getting eaten by mosquitoes so as much as I hated to I had to come in. I had this to keep me busy.

And this. It doesn't look like much now but it will soon. I hope.


  1. Yay for the sunshine! Boo to the mold. Your new friend looks sweet. I’m glad you were able to be back outside for awhile anyway. Sorry about the mower.

  2. Hard not to feel cursed, isn't it?! The new cat is a beauty-he looks comfortable! I like the new towel-happy planting for your new bulbs!

  3. The Mister and FIreman are a lot alike! He's got to be busy. It wears me out sometimes!!!! Glad Zach is coming infor the weekend and they can be busy together

  4. Yay! I think your rain and clouds came our way... I don't mind though because the humidity is gone.
    Love your new grey friend... he looks very handsome!
    Have fun with the bulbs... I'll be planting mine in a week or two.

  5. I can identify with heat and humidity. At least, with all the rain, planting the bulbs should be easy if you can just avoid the insects. Your newest cat is so cute and he looks at home in Mini.

  6. I'm sorry about all the vehicle trouble! I do love that photo of your new friend in the driver's seat. He's definitely driving. LOL. Enjoy the sunshine and new friendship hehe.