Monday, September 24, 2018

Three Strikes

 You know that baby shower where all the invitation pieces got lost in the mail? The one where the soap all turned out yucky? Well, the gremlins weren't through with me yet.

 I decided to get started on the piecing of the baby quilt I wanted to gift the Mom-to-Be since there was no project happening on the regular sewing machine. I spent the day happily cutting and chain piecing everything I needed for a little Square in a Square quilt.

 I was following along with a Missouri Star Quilt tutorial and everything was going along nicely until I went to lay it out to add the next round of material to the center squares.

 How did I NOT NOTICE that half of the material is PURPLE? I thought the whole collection was in blues. I took it outside. I asked The Mister. I looked at the packing slip for the $70 worth of material. I guess I didn't know that periwinkle and azure are purple. I know now. This is the same Mom-to-Be that wouldn't let me put skates on the penguins because they might look too girly so I know purple is not going to cut it. Arghhhhh.......

 I threw the whole blipping thing back in the box and ordered more blue material. $40 more to be exact. Arghhh....Since I was in a piecing mood I dug out these beautiful charm packs and was just going to settle down to make MYSELF a Square in a Square quilt when the phone rang.

It was Daughter. The second round of invitations pieces arrived safe and sound and the expectant mother decided on what she wanted on the card so instead of piecing my day away, I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday making cards. Daughter wants all FORTY of them mailed out by this weekend. Argh......


  1. There are days like that aren’t there? I can’t believe you’ve had three things happen with the shower. But on the upside, those card pieces look darling.
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. maybe you should change recipients for all your works - I'd have gladly taken any of them!!:)esp. anything with purple....

  3. Well, someday that quilt with its blues and purples will make a good lap quilt! And this is exactly why I don't take on sewing jobs anymore--the pressure is a pleasure drain!!!!!

  4. I hope you're getting paid for all this work on a baby shower for someone who's not even related to you....
    And don't feel too bad about the blue/purple thing. Periwinkle can definitely be confused for blue in the right light. Dave is colourblind, and he can't tell blue and purple apart at all!

  5. The cards are amazingly cute. I LOVE them. The Gremlins are here too. Anything other than big yarn big needles and garter is impossible for some crazy reason, here

  6. I always thought periwinkle was more blue than purple but I am sure there are many shades of periwinkle. The fabrics are beautiful and look blue on my computer. Looking forward to seeing you next fabric for this project. I typed a comment on your post about your soap yesterday and then as I was submitting it, my internet went down. I think the soap looks pretty though it may not be the color you wanted. The smell - will it change or dissipate as the soap cures? (I have never made soap and most of what I know is from reading your blog.) Glad you got the green light on the invitations and can move ahead with that project. Your charm packs are beautiful and remind me of fall. And, good news, we are having a cool day and it really does feel like fall. Finally! I know it won't last but this is wonderful.

  7. Gremlins! I know them well. I want to smack them for both of us. And I think of Azure as blue. So I think you were bamboozled. You're busy so I won't feed the negative vibe monster. Good luck on your crafts! The purple material is pretty, though!

  8. Well the purple will make something nice for YOU! Those colors and prints are GORGEOUS!