Saturday, September 15, 2018

Single Minded

 I got up early to watch the hurricane coverage and got the man socks done in the wee hours.

This is my pile of finished socks from the last few months. I think I'm done with socks for a while.

I don't need more socks but I do want this sweater. I usually give myself years for a sweater but I would actually like to wear this one.

I love this big comfy pullover and can see myself sporting it on our walks along the Bay this winter. It's Flor de Jerez btw and it's by Thea Colman.


  1. Nice pile of socks. I’m impressed. :-). And, I love that sweater. I’m going to go check out that pattern for myself. And my list of want to makes keeps growing and growing!

  2. Love your finished socks. My sock drawer is bursting, so I stopped knitting socks, too. The sweater looks comfy - enjoy your knitting time.

  3. The socks are great-it's always nice to have a pair going that you can grab for on-the-go knitting! The new sweater i incredible! I love the cables on the front and especially the neckline--wow! Great find. I would like to do a KAL with that sweater-it would look good on everyone!

  4. What a wonderful collection of socks you have knitted! Such pretty colors. That sweater is just beautiful. It looks like it would fit in the category of comfort clothes. It will look beautiful in the yarn shown and looks like a color that goes with anything. Hoping to see it complete in time for winter.

  5. Sweater I mean... I was just looking at cardigans and have them on the brain!

  6. Your socks are amazing!!!! I started out knitting socks last night. Lasted an hour. Im back to scarves. WHAT IS WITH ME? Oh well as long as Im knitting SoMETHING!