Sunday, September 9, 2018

Something Done

 We  finally got a day that was semi-fallish yesterday. It was cooler and rainy so I spent the day listening to podcasts and knitting.

 It seemed to make sense to get my summer knits off the needles. The watermelon socks were finished only after two tries to get the toes to match.

 Don't you just love the little seeds that are speckled here and there? This was a fun knit. Thanks Valerie for another brilliant dye job!

 I almost had the Mermaid socks done but I ran out of steam just as I was decreasing for the toe. There is always tomorrow and I am sure this little taste of fall won't last. Fall doesn't usually start here officially until almost Halloween. There is still plenty of summer left.

Next up is this. One of you knit this up and I had to have it. I am NOT going to cast it on until those man socks are done though. I am going to be single minded about finishing up what I have going before I reward myself with something new.


  1. Oh, those watermelon socks! They’re wonderful! Good for you with the finishes and almost finishes. I don’t feel like I’m making any progress on my scarf. S-L-O-W is the word.

  2. ❤️ the watermelon socks! Heritage Prints yarn is fun to knit.

  3. Both the watermelon and mermaid socks are beautiful! That aqua yarn is so pretty. Our ten day forecast is temps in low 80s and at least 50% chance of rain. How sad is it that I think low 80s is something to look forward to after all the 90+ degree days we have had. Hope we all get fall weather sooner rather than later.

  4. They look great - but I can't take credit -that one is all Mom's genius!

  5. Beautiful job on the watermelon socks! You probably have the mermaid ones done by now, too!