Saturday, September 29, 2018

I Kid You Not

 The baby shower curse is still upon me. I'll get to it in a moment. First let me share the mess I've been making.

 I've got two tables set up in the living area all covered in invitation making supplies. It's crazy.

 It took me all week to stamp, color and die cut enough critters for 50 cards. I'm seeing penguins and polar bears in my sleep.

I've got 20 made so far. The cute little insert is a note asking for books instead of cards. It's a popular thing I hear. I had to buy a new stamp set that had a book with it. Believe it or not it's a Valentine's Day stamp set. I'll show it to you when I'm not so busy. Every minute counts.

Now to the "you've got to be kidding me" part. The new blue material arrived for the baby quilt. See that brown beach material? That's suppose to be 3 yards of blue polka dots for the backing. I kid you not. Now I have to do a return and then wait for the new fabric to get here. That quilt does not want to be made. Maybe it's a sign.


  1. Those cards are darling. I hope the mom-to-be appreciates all the hard work that you’re putting into the shower. I don’t think people understand how much work it is to make those little cards and the inserts too. In case she forgets, I’m thanking you for her! Ha ha!
    I’m sorry about the fabric. That quilt does seem to be jinxed doesn’t it? I hope you can get it taken care of quickly. Blessings, Betsy

  2. The cards are adorable-power on!
    The fabric mix-up is unbelievable!!!! I'm so sorry!

  3. I adore the little critters for the cards - they look fantastic. I've been wanting to design some stickers and might pinch the ideas of the penguin, book, and polar bear if that's ok ? Hopefully you can reply via email, I've changed my settings so my email is visible somehow . At least I hope so LOL

  4. Yikes, from all that's gone amiss, I think this baby is going to be cantankerous!

  5. Oh, no - That is ridiculous! I once received material with roosters and chickens instead of what I ordered but I had no deadlines. I really hope this wraps up soon for you - Everything you're doing is so beautiful!

  6. That is quite a production line you have set up! The cards are just adorable and will be a special touch for the shower. I am sure there will be many more of your special touches. Maybe the quilt will work out with the next try - fingers crossed.

  7. I will say that beach fabric is cute too. Not baby cute but...cute. Those cards are just adorable!

  8. Oh I think you should just throw that beach fabric in and see what happens...

    But seriously... you can't get much further from your winter baby them then beach girls! It would be funny if it wasnt so frustrating!

    And did I see that the baby's name is Burton? What a fabulous name! ;)

  9. Oh those cards are so dang cute. I LOVE giving books to babies for showers!!!!! Sorry about the quilt fabric mix up. Gheesh. YOU deserve a break today