Friday, September 14, 2018

Testing, Testing...

 We are four weeks in so it's time to see how all this fall this soap performs. Last night Lavender Woods got the thumbs up after I had a splash in the tub with one of the ugly loaf ends. It was nice.  Today it got a trim and a wipe down.

 After the wipe down it gets a label.

 Those textured tops don't look too shabby now that they are cut.

 I also got to work finishing up the cards. I am now going to sing the praises of these ball point glue pens. They are wonderful. I would have never got that spider web on any other way. I got this as a part of a card kit and had no idea what to do with it. Now I know.

There they are. All the card fronts. I still have to glue them onto the card base and add the interior sentiment but the hard part is over.'s a SURPRISE giveaway meaning DON'T blog or comment about it when you get your package. I'm not mailing them out at the same time and I don't want anyone to know when they are coming-because it's supposed to be a SURPRISE. Got it? Good.


  1. You are amazing. You put so much work into making all of the soaps, lotions, etc. AND then you make the cards so pain-stakingly.
    I have to admit when I first glanced at the first picture I thought it looked like a very delicious cake! Beautiful!

  2. I love the surprise element - I kind of need something a little different and exciting! I also love the textured tops of that soap - job well done!

  3. I am not sure which is the most impressive - the soap or the cards. Both are just beautiful. The cards are so pretty and I love anything Halloween. A ball point glue pen sounds like something I need to locate.

  4. The surprise element will be fun, thanks!
    Beautiful preview of the cards!

  5. Oooh, I love surprises! Thank you for your generosity.