Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Woolly Wednesday!

I have already confessed that I am a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. I have to work up my holiday spirit by artificial means. When I saw these movies for $5 at Target last week, I snapped them up.

I also have a new addition to my tiny craft room. I usually listen to the radio or an audiobook while I am working but I couldn't resist a TV when someone offered this up to me.

I don't usually do much drum carding this time of year but since the TV was there and the new movies were there, I spent a happy Sunday with some of the Jacob I had dyed a while back.

 This is one movie's worth of cranking. Not bad.

 What I was most excited about were the bits I had left in the drum carder after I cleaned it. It seems that Mr. Jacob looks pretty good blended. I see more dyeing in my future-after the holidays. The only messes in the kitchen in December will be of the food variety.


  1. What a lovely box of fibre ready to spin.

  2. Your lovely batts have made me want to spend more time with my carder, what a great to spend a Sunday!

  3. Ive never seen the Family STONE, but now I'll have to!

  4. That Jacob does look good, you do get interesting effects dyeing coloured wool.