Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve Prep at Daddio's With Spoilers

It is easier to bring Christmas to Daddio than it is to bring Daddio to Christmas these days. The only problem is that his house is a dismal man cave that defies tidying. We spent the day scrubbing and dusting in preparation for the big family dinner on Christmas Eve. I even talked him into letting me put up one of my trees. It is the first time he has let us put up a tree in the house since Mom died. It was quite a breakthrough.

Mom always had the place looking like a million dollars so to disguise Daddio's neglect we went all out with paper chains and snowflakes on the beams.

We even put some oddly shaped snowflakes in the windows.

 The luminaries that usually line my walk will be put on Daddio's porch. This year we put a heavy glass in them and some sand because it has been unusually breezy.

 While all this was taking place, we were also baking some fancy breads for gifting.

 Finally, we made a couple of quick presents for the Sisters.

Awww.....they turned out very cute and were so easy to do. Now I just have to hope he keeps the place halfway decent until tomorrow.


  1. The place looks great! Those breads look soon good.

  2. With a new generation born I'm thinking Daddio just might have another twinkle in his eye this Christmas. Your mom is smilin down.
    Good job!

  3. Daddio's place looks great!
    I have one of those little jars - I was wondering what to do with it - now I know! Thanks!