Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Part 2

Back at our house, Christmas Eve was a bust. We were all too tired to do anything but fall asleep while watching A Christmas Story. The next morning I had my usual Christmas breakfast of mince pie, egg nog and a tangerine.

It was still damp and dark outside. The only snow I saw was on Christmas cards from friends in France and Latvia.

I have been after The Mister to put a fireplace in the living room since we moved in twenty years ago. He has a wood stove in his man cave and I love it. Once again I had to make do upstairs with my lame video version. The man has no shame.

My pile of presents included much needed and appreciated new knives, a $50 Victoria Secret gift card (!) and lots of chocolate candy. The last two gifts are definitely at odds with each other.

Which would you choose- fitting into skimpy undies or a box chocolate heaven? Yeah, me too.

The Mister also managed to find this sweater at Old Navy. I love it.

Daughter and Son in Law gave me a coat from LL Bean. I love it too. We went ice skating in the afternoon in order to spend some time with Daughter who was the manager for the day and it kept me nice and warm without being to heavy to move in.

By far the best gift I got, besides the new grandson, of course, was more time with Dear Old Doggie. Here she is in the kitchen getting herself a drink. She went from having to be fed hourly from an eye dropper to scarfing down her Christmas dinner all on her own. Her dear old heart kept going when everyone said it wouldn't. There may not be much time left, but I will take what I get as long as she is happy. I couldn't ask for anything more.

 Except maybe a little more of this.


  1. What a beautiful baby!! And I'm so glad your sweet little doggie is better... bless her heart. Those are perfect Christmas presents! That whole snow thing is over rated anyway!

  2. Looks like a pretty good Christmas! Glad doggie is still hanging in there and your new grandson is beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  3. SO glad your pup is hanging in there!!!
    Your baby is adorable.

    Your sheep shirt is awesome.
    I'd take the chocolate ANY Day

  4. oh that baby!!! he is so sweet. love his little almond eyes. and your sweet doggie in his sweater.
    the baby is darling. did you make his little socks???
    go with chocolate for sure!

    1. I did make those socks and a hat that matched and I can't believe they fit. I forgot babies are so small!