Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Samlas

I know Christmas trees come in boxes these days. I have an attic full of them. This one however is a one of a kind. It's box is about the size of a medium pizza box.

It's from Ikea, of course and I've had it for ages. It is set up in less than a minute. The ornaments are already attached. Seriously. You just pull it out and stick it on a pole. I am just not in the mood to dig out all my "real" trees and ornaments this year.

I did add a few extra ornaments from my vast Ikea collection-all plastic (kitties, you know), then stuck some lights in it and called it a day. Those are not my fish btw. They are #1 Son's. I have been babysitting them since Thanksgiving 2010.

 Speaking of #1 Son, His Soon to Be Baby's quilt is done.

The pieced back is my favorite part.

That's what happens when you get over ambitious on the front and forget you need an equal amount of material for the backing. This particular fabric collection is sold out so ordering more was not an option. I had to get creative and all I had left were a few leftover 5 inch squares.

I also had to do some figuring with the material I used for the borders. I didn't have enough of it either but I managed to seam it on the diagonal so it doesn't show too much. Today is the Little Mister's due date so the countdown has begun. I am beyond excited.


  1. That tree is cute! I want one of the ones that's all made of feathers.

    The quilt looks fantastic! And I love the back.

  2. I think that quilt came out AMAZING.
    I love your :good enough" tree. I had a silver tree when I was growing up.