Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The wheels are all put away in awkward places so not much spinning is getting done anymore. I did however, finish up the second braid of the Rhinebeck Polwarth/Silk twins. The bad news is that this is probably as far as they are going to go for awhile. The good news is that they will be good and ready to be plied when I manage to get around to it. That makes three empty wheels and an empty loom-the world must surely be coming to an end.

 If the world is still here (or at least until the 21st?) then it must also still be Hanukkah so I would like to wish my friend's who celebrate, a happy holiday. I always get out my old classroom menorah and light the candles each night. I find their soft twinkling very soothing on these long dark nights.

I have also dug out the ancient Santa/soda bottle that Daughter made ages ago. As you can see, the Scrooge in me is starting to back off a bit. I am not ready to kiss Jacob Marley (or put up a Christmas tree) just yet but the ghosts of Christmas Past and Present have certainly been chatting me up lately.


  1. Not much spinning going on here either...but the tree is up and we're just hoping my rowdy little ones don't knock it down before the big day! :-O

  2. That Santa is adorable!!!! I have a similar child Santa that Al made years ago......

  3. my word verification was NUTBASE....pretty accurate!