Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Cake

I was not happy with this year's fruitcake results so last weekend I started over. I am not saying I am not going to eat the other ones, I certainly will have but I just don't want to gift them or serve them to guests. The first thing I did differently was to switch out the booze. Instead of rum I used a new bottle of brandy.

I also lightened up the batter a bit by not adding so much dried fruit and made the glaze less sticky. I gave the cakes a good soaking in paper towels drenched in glaze.

The results are a more cake-like loaf. I think I am going to try icing one of them with apricot jam, marzipan and royal icing for Christmas Eve dessert. That's a lot of sweet in one place but it's only once a year.


  1. Are you trying to drive me crazy?!!! My mouth is watering and I think I can smell them! I'll have to start baking tomorrow!

  2. They look very yummy - what sort of cakes are they?

    1. Betty Cricket's recipe for Old Fashioned Fruitcake that has been boozed up a bit.

    2. Betty Crocker. Darn auto correct!

  3. agree!! It is only once a year for such baking

  4. now your talking!!! brandy and marzipan! yummo. I really think auto correct is onto something with the name change
    Betty Cricket's is much funner!