Friday, December 21, 2012

Random New Things

In my quest to avoid all things Christmas this year, I almost forgot about the latch hook rug The Mister made for me last spring. I saw it in a catalog and had to have it. The happy skating snowmen have been very popular with the furry members of the family. There is usually a kitty or a bad little doggie curled up in the middle of it.

The little beach town I live in also has something new. In the parking lot of the town hall (in all the handicapped spaces (!) they have built a giant tree of sorts out of crab pots.

There is even a giant blue crab to get you in the holiday mood. Who doesn't associate a crab feast with Christmas?

I'm wondering if the crab tree appeared in response to the recent inclusion of life sized cutouts from The Nutcracker that showed up all over our rival beach town's pier this year.

 They are even going to put a plastic ice rink out there for the weekend. I'm wondering how my little town is going to top that. Snowboarding down the water slide at the water park? I hope not.

While we are on the subject of new things, I finished my Christmas shopping. I confess I did a quickie run to our little grocery/liquor/drug store. Sorry folks, but there is nothing of interest in the present department this year. Even at this late date my holiday mojo is still sadly missing in action. It usually kicks in by now.

 This is one reason why. No snow. It's not even cold. It's going to be another muddy Christmas and that's nothing to look forward to.


  1. I'll trade you my COLD BURIED IN THE SNOW CHRISTMAS for you're warm muddy Christmas! We are enduring a Blizzard here and I am so over the whole White Christmas thing right now!

  2. Crab pots for a that's unique. oh the places our little blogs take us! Im happy we have a bit of snow. I'd like a bit more

  3. It's not only green here still - it's RAINING! So depressing... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a Christmas Eve snowstorm!