Thursday, December 13, 2012

December Daddio Update

This has been a tough couple of weeks for the old man. The fall left him very frail and frustrated. It's been slow going but he is one tough cookie. I knew we were heading in the right direction when he started driving me crazy to get Sister's quilt finished.

He did the cutting and measuring, Sister did the piecing and Daddio and I did the backing and binding. It's a Christmas gift for her MIL and we needed it done in time to mail it. Mission accomplished.

With all the insanity going on, I have no idea how we managed to pull it off. The Quilt Gods must have been looking out for us because the edging on the scalloped border went on without a hitch. My last one was like wrestling a boa constrictor.

We also had to piece the back as we didn't have enough of anything to cover the entire length and width. That slowed us down quite a bit. The machine quilting is so-so. I discovered that stitching in the ditch is harder than it seems. Isn't everything?

He also finished his wreath-sort of. I am going to find a fancier way of attaching those hexies as soon as things calm down. He had a fit when I hung it up. Daddio likes to make Christmas stuff but he hates to have it around the house. Too many reminders of happier days, I suppose.

We decided to give the old guy his gift early this year. Now if he falls down he can call for help. It took a lot for him to admit that he needed it but after spending 14 hours on the cold floor unable to get to a phone, he has agreed for our peace of mind to wear this silly gadget.

As for the other issues I am dealing with, as of this morning, Dear Old Doggie is still hanging in there with lots of 24/7 TLC and showing some improvement but sadly Mini is back in the car hospital. Her brake line sprung a leak. I have no idea how much this is going to cost me but it's not going to be cheap. Man, life is tough.


  1. Love the quilt with the scalloped edging! I'm so glad Daddio is doing better and I think it is so neat that he likes to quilt!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your little doggie to keep getting better too! Yorkies have pretty strong little dispositions and quite the will to live.........this I know from experience! Bless their little hearts!

  2. That is one wonderful quilt! Sounds like you're having a tough time at the moment. Sending hugs to you!

  3. Glad Daddio and doggie are improved. The quilt is lovely and I'm constantly amazed at how much you get done!

  4. MY goodness you have so very much going on!!! Praying right now to St. Francis for your fur baby. Prayers to the baby Jesus for your father as he copes with this stage in his life.

  5. Glad to hear most things are on the mend.... and that quilt is gorgeous!

  6. Daddio looks splendid in his red sweater and little funny thing around his neck! Glad he is wearing it. I suspect we all will eventually. The quilt and wreath are gorgeous.
    YOu do get tons done.
    Hoping for the very best for doggie and your mini.

  7. Glad to hear Daddio is doing better. Happy to see him quilting again. Hugs and hoping it all gets better for you and back to normal.