Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter on the Water

I found myself in a wonderland yesterday and even better, I was making money being there.

I not only play big brown bears on ice, from time to time I also get to help people learn to skate and am paid handsomely for it.

The new rink in Georgetown (Washington, DC) is so gorgeous, I would have paid them to skate there. It is right on the Potomac so the view towards the Kennedy Center is spectacular. Tonight it was a fairyland covered in lights.

Tonight was the Grand Opening. There were people on stilts...

ice sculpting....

 ...and my favorite, the St Lucia choir from The House of Sweden which is right next door. Before the skating began I took a peek in their Christmas Bazaar and found....

...knitting. Lots and lots of gorgeous knitted things.

I found these socks in the line for the smorgasbord.

These embroidered mittens too. They were in the cookie display. There was more but I was starting to get the eyeball from people dressed in traditional costumes so I put the camera away before I got fussed at.

 I really wanted to bring home one of these guys...

...but I brought home these tiny glass hearts instead. It's wishful thinking on my part because I am still up in the air whether I am actually putting up the tree with my collection of glass ornaments. Since adopting all the kitties, putting out anything that I don't want turned into a cat toy is risky business.


  1. looks like you have fun :-) it was ice skating that got me into spinning!!Badly broke my arm skating a few years ago and ended up out of action for 4 1/2 months. Plenty of time in my hands an a meccanno set worth of metal on my arm so I dug out my drop spindle that I had never mastered and used it to keep my fingers moving, flicking the spindle and pinching the fibre, I soon learnt to do everything else with my left hand :-) never stopped spinning since !!

  2. What a fun and interesting post!!!! It's definitely put me in the mood for Christmas!! Now.....if I could just figure out a way to protect all my decorations from my crazy crew too. :D