Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve at Daddio's

 Taking Christmas to Dad's was not as easy as I thought. Balancing hot minestrone on my lap for the ride over was not fun.

 As soon as I walked in his door, I made myself a peppermint martini. I had been looking forward to one for days.

 This is pretty much how the old guy spent the day.

 He did wake up long enough to open his gifts. Little Sister had the showstopper with her gorgeous crocheted throw. I want one.

 He also was awake enough to eat Middle Sister's legendary lasagna.

 My veggie version was dry and bland. I need to get a better recipe. I say this every year but I always forget and make my equally legendary cardboard stuffed with cheese.

 My soup was a big hit, though. Next year maybe I should only bring this.

 Little Sister's cheesecake was amazing. I am so kicking myself for not bringing any home. What was I thinking?

 I had to make do with my leftover chocolate truffles.

The weather was dark and drizzly. We saw a few snowflakes early in the day but then it just turned to rain. Little Sister who lives just north of us went home to several inches of snow. I was so jealous.

The family tradition of singing the Twelve Days of Christmas was a disaster. No one could remember it. Someone needs to print out a copy. After lots of rough housing, the two great-grandboys were worn out. So were the rest of us as we all headed home for Christmas Part 2.


  1. Looks like a wonderful evening.
    love your chocolate turdles. :)
    Merry Merry
    Ho HO

  2. YOu are a Christmas angel to bring it all over.
    THe blanket made for your dad is wow wow