Saturday, December 15, 2012


First let me say that this glib post was written way before yesterday's horrific events. As a former primary teacher, my heart was broken by the news out of Connecticut. Thinking about all those wrapped packages that may already be under the tree for students who won't be coming home is too much to bear. I am not going to lie and say that this scenario didn't cross my mind often during my last few years in the classroom. We had drills to teach kids what to do if  when this happened. The security in schools that house our precious children is at best-terrible. You don't keep your kids at home in an unlocked environment but schools often have the doors propped open for any stranger to wander in. As for gun control, don't even get me started.

Sorry, now back to the glib....
I may not have hit the lottery but I did find the world's best Christmas cards. Although I am a self confessed Scrooge, I am also a card snob and I will judge you on your card as harshly as I judge myself on mine. For me it is all about the feel of it. The paper has to feel like paper not shiny cardboard. You can look high and low and never find a card that feels like a card should. These cards do.

They also have a back that is as interesting as the front. Whoever you are Petite Alma, I love you. Last year after weeks of searching I gave up and bought ugly cards from....Walmart. I did. I really did.

 This year thanks to Barnes and Noble, I can stuff these pretty little envelopes with pride.

That's exactly how I felt  about it.....

 ...until this showed up in the mailbox. It's a card. For real. Just look at the incredible detail which includes sparkly fabric and ribbon. The robe has the feel of suede. The staff is a real stick for goodness sake and the beard is...well, hairy. It's awesome and even more amazing is that the senders are not even particularly close friends or relatives. I am humbled.


  1. It is indeed a very sad day. I can't for the life of me understand why these horrible and senseless acts of violence are still occurring in this country. Hopefully the powers that be will wake up, get their heads out of the sand and start doing something about it. Those poor heart goes out to them. :-(