Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mille Fois Merci!

 I've been keeping my sweet little mail lady busy lately. Yesterday I received a surprise package from Wandering Cat who is located in Canada and today she brought me one from France. She must think I am quite the bon vivant.

Way back when the internet was in its infancy and everyone was friendly and trusting, I met some lovely people who have become the tech version of pen pals. We exchange things at Christmas and it is always a highlight. Sadly, I lost one lovely pal to breast cancer a few years back and her absence is still painful. It is amazing how close you can get to people through this silly little box you type into isn't it? This surprise is from Bordeaux. French candy is like nothing you can get here in the USA and lucky me, Jean Jacques sent me several varieties along with the cute snowman candle holder, lovely bracelet and lacquered jewel box. I am not sure if JJ reads my blog en anglais but if you do cher ami:
Un grand merci pour ces magnifiques cadeaux-très sympa!  Je te souhaite une très bonne année 2013-qu'elle t'apporte santé, joies et bonheur.
Enorme bisous!


  1. Lucky you!
    I always wondered about your French blog name Araignée. And now I am quite impressed with your wonderful French post today! Where did you learn it? As a French Canadian, I'm part of the minority here in Ontario.
    Bonnie journée!

    1. For reason's unknown, looking at my very British family tree, I inherited several French children's book and a bible that piqued my interest to learn the language pretty much my whole life. It all recently came crashing down when I lost my French Canadian email pal, Pauline. She lived in Boucherville. She wanted to learn English and she was teaching me French. We wrote each other every Sunday for many, many years until I lost her suddenly (and I mean suddenly) to breast cancer. It so broke my heart that I gave up my studies for the time being. As she would have said: "Je n'ai plus le cœur". Elle me manque trop.

    2. Amazing and touching. I'm sorry to hear you lost such a good amie. It has been 22 yrs since my breast cancer and I always shiver when I hear stories such as Pauline's. I'm grateful every day. J'espère que le goût de continuer tes études du français te revienne un jour.

  2. That should have said Bonne journée! (Darn Spellcheck)