Saturday, September 30, 2023



The Mister and I got our Covid and flu jabs yesterday. It was quite the adventure. We had to get the vaccines two weeks before his knee replacement surgery and we had appointments with our doctor to get them but they called yesterday morning to say they were out of the new Covid and didn't have a clue when they would get more since it was getting hard to be had. I had to go to the Vaccine Finder website to find a place, any place where we could get it done yesterday. We ended up pretty far from home in a rather dubious CVS but we survived. 

Since experience has taught me that I will be sick for a few days from the shots, we stocked up on takeout food to get us through the weekend. I got a veggie sub from Subway, fries from McDonald's and a huge bag of Chinese takeout. I made a bed out of the couch where Pup and I will be sacking out for the duration. I'm hoping for some mild side effects this time but so far-that hasn't happened with that darn Covid jab. I usually end up miserably fluish for a while. 
See you on the other side.


  1. No COVID vaccines anywhere near me, so I’ll have to wait. I’ll get the flu shot on the 9th. I hope you don’t have any side effects this time.

  2. you sure are well prepared! I hope you have it easy this time! What an adventure!

  3. I hope today hasn't been as bad as you feared. I'm scared to get another one. I've had four and been so sick with each one. We're still trying to decide.