Friday, September 15, 2023

Friday Fluff


The Mister and I have had a lot of fun for the last three weeks watching the Vuelta every morning. That's the Tour de Spain. It's been nice to see the Spanish scenery whizz by but unlike the Tour de France, I haven't got much spinning done while watching because.....

....somebody HATES the spinning wheels. She just stands there and barks. It's annoying. She was pretty good this year for the Tour de France but she's not giving me an inch for this race. Enough is enough she says. Happily, for her, it will all be over on Sunday. 

I still haven't put away the yarn I made during the Tour de France in July and at first I felt bad about making more-but who really cares, right? I can pile it up as high as I want. I'll just call myself a yarn collector and stop worrying about what it's going to become. Let the yarn police come and lock me up right now. I admit it. I'm guilty.


  1. Our Zoey feels the same way about the vacuum as Pup does with the spinning wheel. I HAD to vacuum this morning so Dennis took her with him to the auto parts store. It was just enough time for me to get the entire condo vacuumed thoroughly!
    I love you yarn. Squishy goodness. I have already given Dennis instructions as to what to do with my stash when I'm gone. I'm sure it will outlive me. :-)

  2. The spinning is coming along even with the canine inconveniences!

  3. The yarn will become what it's meant to when it's time.