Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Love Story


Down the street from my house is a marina and this little boat has been sitting there all alone and unused for years. When we walk Pup there I always visit it and say hi. I've never once seen anyone on it or taking it out. Poor thing. It's my idea of a perfect boat and I would love to have it-if it weren't $265,000. That's one pricey toy but the insides are beautiful. It's like a RV for the water and I am in love.

It's also in my favorite slip. A1. This is the view from the front. It looks out onto the bay.

This is the view of Fishing Creek from the back deck where I'd be sitting and knitting all day....if I'd won the lottery. $265,000. Sigh....a girl can dream.

Speaking of sitting and knitting, there's been very little of that going on around here. I've been doing a lot of knit walking early in the morning when we get Pup out before the heat sets in. I was surprised as heck to find myself at the heel flap part of the stripes yesterday but here I am on the stripey Pairfects. 

On the other hand the two on the same needle Felicis are going very slowly. Even though I can walk and knit two at a time this way I haven't been doing it and as a result these are in last place in my latest sock race

And....look what just showed up. I've been looking for the right yarn to knit two different socks at the same time on the same needle and I think I found it. 


  1. Oh what a lovely view of the marina…that boat is perfect ….come on lottery!!!
    Sock race…how great is that!??!??😂
    Have a terrific Wednesday. xo, V.

  2. I'd love to have a boat like that. Rocking on the water and knitting the day away sounds like heaven.

  3. Love that touch of blue on the top sock - so pretty. That is a gorgeous slip and a very nice boat~!

  4. The boat is beautiful!!!! I miss using our boat--the Mr hasn't got the urge to work on it, unfortunately! That view is gorgeous! So, too, are the socks and the soon-to-be socks!

  5. Love those marina photos! We are headed off to the Oregon Coast today, and your photos reminded me of that. Your socks are impressive, and so is the fact that you can knit two different pairs at once on the same needles. Wow!

  6. Buy that lottery ticket! You could host knitting getaways.