Saturday, September 9, 2023

Highway From Hell


I'm back home again after an awful trip home last night. The DC Beltway was a parking lot and even worse....

...this was how hot it was. After an hour of this torture, I got off the Beltway and took the slow back roads home in fear that a flat tire or fender bender would leave me melted into the asphalt. How do you folks down south and out west stand it? Hopefully, today we are back in the 80's. Won't matter to me. I'm not getting off the couch. 


  1. Glad you are home safely! That heat was the worse this summer! And a traffic jam is the pits no matter what the temp is!!!!!

  2. Glad you got home OK! We encountered a terrible traffic jam on the way to our daughter's house yesterday; fortunately by the time we headed home the traffic was moving again.