Monday, September 18, 2023

A Lap Full of Wool


All it took was one chilly morning to make me want to pick up something big to work on. Bon Amie has been waiting all summer for some attention so it was the first thing I dusted off and started to work on again. 

I bought this pattern from Arne and Carlos last week and my plan is to use the construction of Sondre to finish Bon Amie. I want to steek the armholes and the neck but I need Arne and Carlos to hold my hand while I do it. I've steeked before but this time I'm playing fast and loose with the pattern and it's scaring me to death. Thankfully, they've got video support to go along with the written instructions.

Bon Amie is actually just the appetizer. Chestnut is the main course. What I'm trying to do is turn cardigans into pullovers and Bon Amie is the test case. If it works I'll finish Chestnut. If not, I'll have a really pretty Fair Isle pillow.

Speaking of Arne and Carlos, Advent sweater number 23 looks like this. I haven't worked on it all summer. I would like to start number 24, the last one, over Thanksgiving weekend so there is no rush. I had been working on this one while watching Sit and Knit for a Bit each week but since they've been on a break, I thought I'd take a break too. this flurry of sweater making, Riddari is also back in production. I've finished the body but now I have the sleeves to do. I also have The Big Gray Blob that gets worked on every night before bed. Four sweaters at a time. I must be crazy. 



  1. FOUR sweaters?! Debbie, you must be crazy! Ha! And they aren't easy sweaters either. I hope it does stay nice and cool for you. We've had a lovely week with windows wide open all week but the next five days are to be mid to upper 80's so I think the A/C will probably be running again.
    Have fun with those sweaters my friend!
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Beautiful colorwork! I’d freak out just knitting one sweater, let alone four.

  3. Your Fair Isle is gorgeous. I know I'd end up in a tangled mess of yarns for sure.

  4. You might be a little crazy but your sweaters are works of art!!!! This one is beautiful in colorwork! Nice to see a little sweater again!