Thursday, September 28, 2023

So This Happened


I got the Dresden out to sandwich yesterday and didn't get very far. For some reason I thought this quilt was bigger than it was. It's so small I don't even have to seam the backing. There's plenty hanging over every side.

It seems that I didn't add a brown edging on that schoolhouse border I worked so hard on. I think I must have put this top away before it was actually finished. It's from way back in my Daddio days to it's possible. We jumped from project to project to keep him interested and busy.

I went digging through the stash to see what I had and I came up with plenty but none of the brown I used for the sashing so I had to order some. 

I found so much of this one collection that I had leftover from another project that I felt bad about packing it back away. I have yardage, charm packs and even 10 inch squares. I've got a plan for it. It'll make a great fall project-but as usual I'm waiting for a delivery to get something started. It's a race now to see if Connecting Threads or Missouri Star will be the first to get what I need here. 


  1. Such pretty fabrics - looking forward to seeing what you have planned. Could this smaller one just be a lap quilt?

  2. It will be. I'm just going to add one row of brown sashing so I can put on a pretty print binding and have it be seen.

  3. It’s a pretty quilt! I’ve never done a Dresden, but I love admiring those of other quilters.

  4. I have always loved Dresden quilts and also the Wedding Ring quilts. Maybe because it's what my Grandma used to make. How wonderful to have the memories of working on all of these things with your Dad. It's so pretty.

  5. It sure is a pretty quilt!!! I like to quilt big enough to 'fill' the backing, too! Great fabrics you've pulled for the Fall projects!

  6. Love that quilt! If you get 2 posts from me, please delete one, OK? Dresden quilts are so beautiful and one of my favorites.