Friday, September 8, 2023

Friday Felines


I'm spending two days with this pretty lady.....

....and her twin sister.

The senior member of the kitty crew is keeping her distance.....

....and this chonky beauty is spending most of her time staring at me from under the couch. 

Thankfully, they all seem to be on their best behavior because I ended up with an issue. I had just put about 5 more inches on my two at a timers yesterday afternoon when I noticed a boo boo many rows below. I laddered down only to find an extra stitch that I had somehow created. No fixing that so it was rip, rip and tink, tink time so now I'm back to where I started. Oh, well...I'm going to just plow through it while watching episode after episode of Dateline because I can't figure out how to work Daughter's fancy TV and that's all I can figure out how to watch.  

And....I need to thank Sandflies for a fall coffee shipment. The last thing I did before I left home yseterday was to fix a pot for The Mister. It's better than a Yankee Candle for making your house smell like fall. I almost hated to leave.


  1. Beautiful kitties. Hope your knitting is smoother now!

  2. Those are some sweet kitties!

    I've done that with knits - powered along, thought I'd made a simple mistake, and then just had to more or less start over. I have to say that my knitting is just about the only thing I'm willing to do that with.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Hey - you can never get bored with Dateline!