Monday, September 25, 2023

High Tide


It was the sound of blowers and not generators that greeted the dawn yesterday. Thank goodness. The place is a mess. Leaves everywhere. The roof looks like it was thatched but at least we have power. I gave up trying to sweep it all up. Mother Nature's going to have to help me out here and dry it up a bit first. 

Down by the water is was a different story. The Sea Gate townhouses really look like the gate to the sea. What a mess.

The big community pier has a lot of damage on the lower levels. The water is never this high usually. Far from it. You can walk from the shore out here and never get your shirt wet. The water is all still pushing in from the south and mad as hell about it.

There's a lot of debris on the beach. Someone's going to be looking for their crab pots. Sad thing is that there are crabs in them. Poor things. Wrong place, wrong time. 

It was a little hard to get around town. You needed a canoe.

The main street looked like a big swimming pool. 

While The Mister went and got coffee Pup and I watched people trying to drive through that mess while I tried to do some knitting. Then Pup fell off the bench when she saw The Mister with a bag of muffins. She hurt her bad leg so we had to go home and ice it.......

...but not before we checked out the marina. Those yellow posts are where the boat ramps are. You don't even have to leave the parking lot to put your boat in-if you're crazy enough to put your boat in that angry bay. We were watching a crab boat rocking and rolling out there and it was making me sick from the shore. I took all these photos at about 11:00 and it was still only low tide. High Tide wasn't until 3:30. I bet that was interesting. 


  1. Wow! Water damage has to be one of the worst! I'm glad your house didn't lose power or have damage!

  2. Oh no, I feel sorry for those that have damage or can't get to work. Years ago I made the mistake of trying to drive my minivan through a puddled road and the van had to be totaled because too much water got in the engine and it stalled! The water came in over my feet and some kind people had to push the van out.

  3. Oh my! I'm glad you faired fairly well with no serious damage. It looks like those townhomes won't be that lucky. Thanks for the photos and I hope Pup's leg is better today.

  4. Mother nature is wild! Glad you came out unscathed except for some wet leaves.
    I couldn't believe the amount of leaves on the ground after the downburst we had this summer - and what it did to hundred year-old trees... mind blowing!

  5. Yikes! I can only imagine the damage that was done. Ophelia was a nasty storm.