Thursday, September 21, 2023

Distant Gray


I've got my painting Crocs on so we're knee deep into yet another home improvement project. 

That's probably our 10th or 11th can of Distant Gray paint. Room by room they are all getting the same color treatment. It's easier that way. We've got no place to store leftover touch up paint so having only one can of flat and one can of semi-gloss to deal with makes sense. It also makes touch ups easier. Whenever we paint I go through the whole house looking for spots that need fixing and there are always plenty.

Distant Gray really isn't very gray. It's just a dull white. We got one coat on yesterday and will tackle the second coat today and hopefully the trim tomorrow. Painting at 70 is very different than painting in our younger years. The Mister and I would have knocked out that bedroom in one day in our prime. We were lucky to get one coat on. That was a lot of wall and as for ceilings....neither one of us could do more than a little at a time. It was no fun at all.


  1. I really like that color. It looks close to the same color as all of the condo walls are painted. Like you I think that's a great idea so touch-ups are easy. I can't believe how much longer everything takes me than it used to. And I get tired. And out of breath. I'm old.

  2. That sounds like us and our Exterior "Agate Green" I use for everything outside. It's that and off-the-shelf-white - makes painting much easier.

    Indoors it's a different story (I need colour after so many years of living in rental), but it does make sense to just keep it all the same.

    I have enough trouble painting at 43! I'm fine when I'm doing it, but boy I feel lit afterwards

  3. I wouldn’t even think about painting anymore, especially ceilings. I hope your project goes smoothly.

  4. it is going to be amazing when you are done--I can't do ceilings anymore either!!!