Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday


I've got an FO! Hen Peck is finished. I've ordered two more of the stacked critter patterns from Plum Street Samplers so the wait is on. Happily, I remembered to order the fabric this time. 

I also finished the last row of the center blocks on the Patchwork Ete. This is getting packed away until next year when I'll tackle the outside borders. It's too soon for me to get out the matching Patchwork Automne so this project is also on hiatus. 

I didn't touch the Matter's House because I have a quandary.  I'm running out of room with this frame and I hate, hate, hate putting the stretchers over stitched areas and all of my table frames have projects already on them. I guess I'll finish up that alphabet at the bottom and do some thinking. I do have some other bigger frames around here somewhere. 

I was asked a while back how I liked the new pattern holder and now after using it for a while I can say that I love it. I don't need it if I'm working at a table but when I curl up on the couch with a project it has come in very, very handy. My neck always gives out on me when I am stitching but with this little doo hickey I can stitch longer and more comfortably

And....this is absolutely the LAST of the fall soap. I am finally out of lye. I got 11 loaves out of that container. This last one is the all natural Oat Milk and Vanilla loaf. I forgot to turn off the heating pad in the cooler that I use for an incubator so this one got nice and "cooked"...lol. I was worried that it might get a partial gel because of it but it didn't. That's an unsightly ring you get in the middle from the soap heating unevenly. This one actually looks pretty good-considering. Of course I could have just left it outside on the sidewalk to cook. It's hot as blazes out there and I'm NOT a fan. 


  1. Nice progress on all your stitching. Hen Peck is so cute. I would not be able to pack those other ones away - I would need to finish them!

  2. Henpecked is sooo cute!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  3. Hen Peck turned out so cute. Will you frame it? Turn it into a pillow???

  4. You did a lot of stitching this week! It looks great! The soap is a beauty-so nice and evenly colored; I'm sure it will feel wonderful on the skin, too!

  5. Oh my! Love the hens! Well, love all of Tiny Needle Tuesday, as always. And, the soap! Bet it’s great! Try to stay cool. xo, V.

  6. Wow! So many finishes! And they are all so pretty. I love your soap, too. You are one creative person!