Saturday, September 16, 2023



Yesterday we had to go down to the courthouse to pay our property tax bill. It was a bit of a celebration because it was the first time we've had to do this since we paid off the house. On the way there we saw SIX, count'em SIX of those giant skellys looming over people's yards. I tried to get a photo of them but the side roads were closed due to roadwork. We could have taken a detour to get there but The Mister wasn't having it. 

There were the regular giant skellys but most of them looked like this. Giant pumpkin headed skellys. The Mister and I were saying that in our day these things wouldn't have stood a chance. We'd have pulled all kinds of pranks with them but I guess when everyone has those camera doorbells they are safe enough. At $379.00 a piece they better be. Would homeowner's insurance cover their disappearance or maiming? I wonder. I also have to wonder about folks that would pay that much for something like this and wonder even more why they are already on display. 


  1. Christmas trees are already on display at Costco.

  2. Yeah, the money they put out to decorate ready-made is astounding to me. Gone are the days of throwing toilet paper over your trees on Halloween! lol

  3. That is MUCH fancier than the ones I've seen around here. The ones here are about $199 at Home Depot. STILL a pretty penny. Some have been out all year. They are showing the price of doing that.

    Someone left a 5 foot flamingo on my front porch one Christmas Eve. I'm pretty sure who it was, but they never would own up to it. LOL

  4. HA! They are $500 (and more) here in Canada!!! The only thing stopping me from getting one is Dave. I need his help to put it up each year, and that's too much of pain!
    Although... I could leave it up all year and just dress it up for each season.... hmmm...

  5. I heard somewhere that people are now spending more on Halloween decorations each year than on Christmas. That seems crazy to me but what do I know? There are so many of those giant skeletons areound here too. I honestly don't know where people get the money for them with the cost of everything these days.

  6. Wow! It seems like holiday decorations come on sale earlier every year, doesn't it?